I love Pokemon, Animal Crossing, the LOTR, Attack on Titan, SAO, and a few other fandoms. Trying to make it through shool without anyone noticing.
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I was at my friend’s house and since I was close to him, he begged me to be ADC. And my first experience with that was with Jinx and it was only 2 or 3 weeks into my venture with the game and I did HORRIBLE. But he waited smiling until I finally chose Twitch, and I didn’t do so bad for my first REAL time. In fact, he was really proud of me and that made me happy. Then I went Draven and demolished cause that game was wack no kidding. Then, I tried Ezreal and did good there as well, but the games after that were not so amazing. Now, I’m designated to do ADC and I’m earning towards Twitch now cause he was a lot of fun! I think I just had to sink in a few weeks as support and now I get how to ADC a little bit more… stay tuned!

So I was forced to go top in these two games and my friend didn’t want me to play FIora so I went Darius and as you can see I did amazing first game and not so great last one. The Malphite I was against 1st game used his mana so fast, but the Sejauni next game was really good. HMM


Honestly ignoring me is the worst thing you can do to me.

Yay, I didn’t do bad with Taric at all! I laned with my friend as Miss FOrtune and she got a quadra and penta kill! I’m so happy for him. Leona on the other hand definitely needs some work…

Guys, you should go follow rnonferno, she accidently deleted, but Jessica is really cool and fun to talk to! ~love you jess and all of you

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i cant stop laughifg

i’m laughing so haaaard omf

me: it’s a long story

person: i have time!



seven days without a pun makes one weak